Charcoal on paper
30×30 cm

If the Nazi gold ever existed, it has never been found. The sources do not agree on where this treasure is located: for some it is in the cargo of a ship sunk in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Iceland; for others it is in the coffers of the Vatican Bank or in those of the Swiss Bank, or even in an underground tunnel excavated in Poland by prisoners of a concentration camp.

The display case shows the frottage of one of the ingots part of that treasure, on which stands the symbol of the Reich. It is known neither the author nor the moment when she or he had access to the legendary Nazi gold, but she or he could hastily imprint its physical presence on paper, leaving a tangible trace for posterity. The artist has decided to exhibit an irrefutable proof that turns the legend into reality. The title transforms the sentence printed on the US dollars notes into consideration on money’s neutrality.