You will never be alone investigates the idea of ​​community and faith, solidarity and inclusion, among the members of a group linked by a shared system of beliefs. At the opening of my solo show, some songs from the Livorno Calcio supporters are interpreted by a professional choir, in a performance that accentuates harmony and reiterates in a literal way the choral entity of the football faith, and of faiths in general.
After the opening the work becomes an audio installation, audible in headphones by one person at a time, sitting on a single stadium seat. The solitary listening of the recorded choir shifts the emphasis on those aspects of the curve that make it exclusive for those who do not share the football faith and the principles of the ultra (Italian hooligans). The title of the work in this sense can be interpreted both as a promise of solidarity or as a threat, expressed by a strongly identifying group, be it united by the football or religious faith.

Views of the Coro Rodolfo del Corona performing in the occasion of the solo show Non sarai mai solo, Museo della Città Bottini dell’Olio e Luogo Pio, Livorno. Photo Ela Bialkowska, OKNOstudio