Binaural audio track installation
Environmental dimensions

Within the public space of the Ca’ Rezzonico ballroom the artist lets visitors partake in a moment of extreme intimacy, site-specific conceived for Ca’ Rezzonico: an invitation to dance, whispered in their ears. The physical reality of the exhibition space overlaps with the sound of the artist’s voice declaring her love, recorded in that very place. The technology employed makes it sounds three-dimensional, so that reality and fiction blur together in a disorienting way for the listener. Playing on the subtle divide between public and private, the work presents visitors with an experience that is personal and individual, yet also shared and collective.

Please listen with earphones or headphones / da ascoltare con auricolari o cuffie / à écouter avec des écouteurs

Ruth · English – PENSIERO STUPENDO (Autoritratto) – Ca’ Rezzonico
Ruth · Italiano – PENSIERO STUPENDO (Autoritratto) – Ca’ Rezzonico
Ruth · Français – PENSIERO STUPENDO (Autoritratto) Ca' Rezzonico