Blown Murano glass baseball bats
75×7,5×3 cm each

Run Home (self-portrait) consists of a series of colored baseball bats, made of blown Murano glass. The fragility and the preciousness of the material come into open conflict with the nature of the object, made to strike. The tactile sensuality of the matter contrasts with the potential violence, implemented or suffered. Ideally, if one would try to use one of the baseball bats to hit something or someone, the handle would crash into the hands of the one trying to deal with the blow.

The work is part of the artist’s research on the ambiguity of what is usually labeled as “evil”, trying to bring back within the self those dark parts that are generally kept away, but that, added to what we consider good, give shape to a human being in its entirety.

Installation view at the Premio Combat, Livorno, 2018
Installation view of the solo show Non sarai mai solo, Museo della Città Bottini dell’Olio e Luogo Pio, Livorno. Photo Ela Bialkowska, OKNOstudio
Installation view of the show Dad Jokes, Ncontemporary gallery, Milan, 2019