As you like it, 2022

Stained Glass, Ø 100 cm, iron 300x150x100 (h) cm

The glass windows supported by a drum comprising the installation As you like it have disappeared. The only intact glass window preserves a well-known image that is no longer discernible [1]. The representation is emptied out, to leave a space for one’s projection onto a neutral white surface. The transparent matter of the glass loses its function of making it visible, bending itself to a paradoxical exercise of opacity.

Extract from Bernardo Follini’s text, for the exhibition We will name her Tempest, translated by Matilde Foligno.

[1] The original image is the Madonna and Child Enthroned with Angels by Giacomo and Domenico Cabrini’s workshop (XV century), based on a drawing by Francesco del Cossa, originally for the Church of San Giovanni in Monte in Bologna, then again for the Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli in Venice. This second, later version is preserved at the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice, gravely damaged by a tempest.