Self-portrait, 2013

Audio installation 5+1 channels, Dolby Surround. Variable dimension

The work was specifically conceived for the exhibition DisUmanesimi, in Florence. Thirteen voices of people different for age, gender and provenance, recorded in Tuscan city’s streets, read a written self-portrait of the artist, in which only the place of birth is the real one of the person speaking. Every recorded track finishes with the statement “I’m from Florence”. In the audio installation, every voice is adding on top of the other, so that the single voice is lost in a choir of voices that progressively increase in volume and quantity until they become indistinguishable. The audio mix also represents the melting pot of cultures and origins, where the sense of a “pure Florentine” definition is denied in favor of immersive multiple self-portraits in which the viewer is invited to lose herself.